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Below are a few ways I can help you with your site, whether you’re a newbie or need help to improve an already existing one.

Here’s a list of what I can do for you:

° Web Design Services

Blog Setup – I can help you setup your very own blog! (I can also help you redesign your already existing blog) This includes; domain name registration, finding a very good web host, WordPress installation, theme installation, child theme creation, social media profiles etc.

Website setup – I can also build websites especially for start-up businesses, who require a simple, practical website to help promote their products or services I can also build websites for schools, churches etc.

Blog/Website Management – I can help you manage your blog/website. I could take the content you’ve written, and edit it to a professional standard, then schedule it to publish on a specific day of the week for you. I’ll Tweet your latest article for you and make sure it’s posted on Facebook, twitter Google+ and other social networks. I can also help you keep your WordPress site and plugins updated.

° Graphics Design

I can help you design great logo’s for your business/website/blog. I can also help you with your banner design for desktop & mobile.

Branding – I can help you create a consistent brand online for your Business or website. This includes; logo design for your business, website or blog, web design, facebook cover page design, social media profiles, etc.

Facebook Ads
I Can Help You With Your PAID Facebook Ads

Content Writer
As a writer and blogger, I am constantly developing my skills in how to write for the web, what attracts readers and keeping abreast of the latest trends.

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Anele is an ardent lover of mystery novels whose love for lists and anything bizarre brought about listwand. You can connect with him on Google plus
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