Top 5 Jobs that Most Nigerian Ladies Easily Engage In

So, after much observation… basically these are the Top 5 jobs that most Nigerian ladies easily engage in…

1. Hair Dressing

Top 5 jobs that most Nigerian ladies easily engage in

Nigerian hairdresser

Look around you you will notice a galore of hair dressing saloons and the numbers of saloons are still on the increase.. In the midst of crunching unemployment level in the country, It is very easy for Nigerian girls whether educated or not to pick up hairdressing as either a part time or full time handwork. Either you work for a person or you open up your own, it is as easy as that.

2. Manicure/Pedicure job

Top 5 jobs that most Nigerian ladies easily engage in

The job of fixing finger and feet nails; this is also where our young girls easily find succour in terms of getting themselves busy in hustling and bustling to make ends meet.

3. Beautician job

Nigerian makeup artist

Image credit: Nairaland

Though the 2nd listing above can be incorporated into this, but there are more here as many girls now go into beautifying their fellow girls in many ways as handwork. This include fixing fake eyelashes, making up their fellow girls with powders, mascaras and the rest etc

4. Modelling

Nigerian ladies

it is very easy these days to see Nigerian girls going into modelling, both those that have what it takes and those that don’t have.. Examples, you will easily see short girls, fatties, tall, slender, those with K-legs, bow legs, beautiful, not so beautiful, worwor girls taking up modelling job, all in the bid to make ends meet.

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5. Hook ups

Nigerian girls

Hook ups or whatever they call it; professional, international, intercontinental, local or subtle form of prostitutions. As they say this type of job is as old as man and many of our Nigerian girls, educated, semi educated, non educated also easily engage themselves in one form of prostitution or the other, as they see it as hassle free and quick way to keep themselves busy and make either extra change or big money. The number of girls engaging in this is constantly increasing in geometric progression on daily basis. They either engage in the job through offline, standing method or in more sophisticated and subtle online manner where social media have easen up the nature of job for some – thanks to instagram-  For example, a lady in far away Sambisa forest can easily book a hookup job with their patrons that are somewhere in Oshodi-Oke.

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Out of the 5 jobs above, statistics have shown that most of the girls believed that the 5th one is the easiest and most lucrative and thus have more girls into it as means of cushioning the effects of recession and unemployment levels being witnessed in the country.

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