10 Peculiar Things That Rich And Poor People Use Entirely Differently

There is a very big difference between rich people and poor people in not just my country Nigeria but around the world in general -Thanks to inequality. from the way they both (poor and rich) go about their lives, to the things they both (poor and rich) do with their time and money. Here are 10 Peculiar Things That Rich And Poor People Use Completely Differently

1. Time

Dangote working in office

Rich people use their time to make connections, and to make money, poor people use it to fantasize about money. **If i get money eh**

2. Phone/Computers

Nigerian man surfing the net

Rich people mostly use their phones and computers to surf the net, close business deals, control their business from wherever they are and also to converse with family and friends. Poor people mostly use theirs to play games and chat.

3. Marriage

Poor man weddingSource

Rich people go into marriage mostly for companionship and because they need an offspring, someone to leave the family business and properties to when they are no more. On the other hand, Poor people marry for entertainment. To them coitus is the only extracurricular activity they can afford. Thats why a typical poor man can sire up to 6 children.

4. Hospital

10 Peculiar Things That Rich And Poor People Use Entirely Differently

Rich people go there both for regular checkups and for unexpected medical events that need immediate attention; poor people go there when their medical condition can’t be ignored any longer.

5. Church

Why Poor people go to church

Rich people go to church to pray for more wealth, poor people go to ask for financial breakthrough.

6. Money

10 Peculiar Things That Rich And Poor People Use Entirely Differently

Rich people mainly use money to make more money via investments etc; poor people on the other hand mainly use money to feed.

7. Parties

Poor people go to parties to eat

Rich people go to parties to support their friends and also to connect with both new and old friends. Poor people use them as an opportunity to eat to their stomach full.

8. Guns

Things That Rich And Poor People Use Entirely Differently

Rich people use them in protecting themselves and family from getting robbed by the poor, poor people use them for robbing the rich… not in all cases tho.

9. Loans


Rich people borrow money to invest un bith new and already existing businesses, poor people borrow money to pay people they owe.

10. Mega Supermarkets

Guys go to to shoprite to snap pictures

Rich people go there to buy stuffs for themselves, poor people go there to take good background pictures.

11. Police

Police protect the rich

Rich people use the police to protect their lives and properties and also to intimidate poor people, while poor people pray never to encounter them.

12. Refrigerator

Empty fridgethefrugalgirl.com

Rich people use it mainly to stock and preserve food, poor people just have them in their homes mostly for water…

13. Dogs

Dog selling business in Nigeria

Rich people make use Dogs to protect their homes, Poor people use them to make money through the sales of puppies…

14. Designers

Designer collage

Rich people wear real designers everyday to look good and fabulous, poor people only wear them (fake) on special occassions.

15. Garri

Drinking garri

Rich people drink it because they feel like it, Poor people on the other hand drink it cause they have no other choice.

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