5 Things That’s Preventing Africa From Moving Forward

Africa is the second largest continent on earth and has immense resources, and yet we are nowhere, our people are poor, and despite all the resources -both human and natural – present, things aren’t going as fast as it should. What is wrong with the continent, why aren’t we moving forward.. well to answer this question here are 5 Things That’s Preventing Africa From Moving Forward.

Note: This is just someone’s opinion.

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1. Religion

As long as black people follow foreign religions that have been used to enslave them in the past, we will always be mental slaves. Like it or not islam ultimately benefits the Arabs and Christianity the whites. GO to Jerusalem and see how black pilgrims are treated. Go to Mecca and see the difference between African pilgrims and Arab ones.

We are one of the most ignorant race as a result of religion and it is killing us.

2. Survivalist mentality

Just because you are alive doesn’t mean that you are living. Poverty has made the average African focus on surviving and not living. We tend to care only about shallow things like food, jobs, money, salary etc.

It’s rather hard to find an african focus on something bigger than him like say community rather than himself. This has made us so materialistic rather than perceptive.

When a typical African man makes his money, he spends it only on himself (and family), and almost never on the community.

Thats why despite having lots of billionaires in Africa, till date we still have billionaires coming in from outside our shores to help fight diseases.

3. Ignorance of our history (as a result of colonization)

If you knew that most powerful Christian churches and Muslims in the early centuries were supporters of slavery of Africans, would you be a Christian?

If you knew that your prophet regarded blacks as inferior would you follow him?

If you knew that your tribe or culture is older than Jews, Arabs or Judaism, would you claim to be descendants of Jews and Arabs?

If you knew that your tribes had inventions like sculpting techniques with bronze, hunting weapons, pottery etc, would you say that only the white and asian men could invent?.

We may be free, but the invisible shackles of colonialism is still very much intact, cultivating and maintaining the inferior mentality.

Click on the below link to get a full grasp of what i’m saying

Intellectual slavery: Information the west don’t want you to know

Things That's Preventing Africa From Moving Forward

4. Lack of Good governance

Africa has underdeveloped itself through bad governance and lack of integrity. To those of you who dint kniw, At the moment of independence, African countries like Ghana and Egypt to mention but a few, had higher income per capita than India, Singapore and even the mighty china. But now Where are the african countries above?… Just like virtually every African countries, they have backslided due to poor governance.

The only way for us to move forward is to ensure good governance – the way we manage our economy, our social life, our legal structures and institutions – that is the basis for development, and until our leaders do something about their modus operandi. I’m afraid we are going nowhere…

5. Unity

Unless we are united as one continent, we will not go anywhere. our resources will be wasted and posterity will have no future in our continent.

Written by jackbizzle – (except 4 and 5, those were written by me) – … A hard boiled Atheist, and a lover of Africa… you can connect with him on Nairaland.

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