7 Fascinating Facts About The Bodi Tribe of Ethiopia

If there’s anything Africa is known for worldwide, it’s her diverse tradition, language, culture and tribes. Today we will looking at the Bodi tribe, a tribe found in the southern part of Ethiopia near the Omo river. We are going to take a look at those things, facts that make the tribe uniquely different from all other tribes you might have heard about. Enjoy. Here are 7 Fascinating Facts About The Modi Tribe of Ethiopia.

Fascinating Facts About The Bodi Tribe of Ethiopia

1. Cultural Attire/Appearance

Just like their neighbours, -Mursi tribe- Bodi men do not wear clothes. At most they are seen with strips of cotton on their hips with a feather on their shaved heads, their women on the other hand cover up their bodies more than the men, they wear clothes made from goat skin. They also practice scarification.

2. Their main diet consist of animal blood

Blood is a significant requirement in most of Bodi traditions, including their meals.

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The main diet of the Bodi tribe consists of animal blood that is collected from a large wound punctured in an animal’s neck, this blood is then stored, to be used whenever they want to prepare a dish. It is mostly consumed alongside milk, sorghum, honey, maize etc.

Fascinating Facts About The Bodi Tribe of Ethiopia

4. They still engage in barter trade system

The Bodi’s are one of the ethnic group in Ethiopia`s Omo valley that have refused to change to the modern way of life and prefers their indigenous tribal pastoral life. The bodi’s still favour the barter system of trading.

Fascinating Facts About The Bodi Tribe of Ethiopia

5. New year celebration

Unlike the rest of the world, the Bodi tribe celebrate their new year in June. The same month their famous ka’el tradition is observed. A tradition that measures the body fat of the male contestants and rewards the winner with fame, bragging rights and adulation of the people.

Fascinating Facts About The Bodi Tribe of Ethiopia

6. The Holiday of the Fat men

I must say, of all African traditional ceremonies, none is more prominent, fascinating and painstainkingly ecstatic than the “Ka’el” which means “the holiday of the fat men”.

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The holiday sees Bodi men compete to be the fattest in the village by drinking a mixture of fresh Animal blood and milk while living in isolation for six minths. The winning fat man doesn’t get a prize but is feted as a hero for life by the rest of the tribe.

Bodi tribe of ethiopia

7. Marriage in the Bodi tribe

The Bodi tribe has a rather odd but effective system to pay a lady’s bride price “Dauri”. To pay the “Dauri”. The Groom’s father gives his son 10 heads of cattle and 30-36 heads of cattle for the bride’s family as a Dauri. Her family now will split the heads among the heads of the family which include both her maternal and paternal uncles, grandfather etc. The wife herself usually gets three dairy cows as her private property.

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