10 Things That Are Now a Common Part of Our Daily Culture

There are some things that have come to be a common part of our daily culture in Nigeria, we do them everyday, use them everyday, we see them everyday, we have them etc (when i say we i mean the vast majority).  Below are 10 things That Are Now a Common Part of Our Daily Culture.

1. Urinating in public

Culture in nigeria
What else are we to do, it’s not like there are strategically placed public conveniences in our cities.

2. Bribery

Somehow this is now part of our culture. I guess Sen. Adolphus Wabara was right when he said “Corruption is a household thing, there is virtually no Nigerian who is not corrupt”.

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3. The internet

Internet in nigeria

Used to be a very rare commodity, but not anymore. All thanks to smartphones and network providers.

4. Phones

Phones in nigeria

Our phones has so become part of our daily culture that most of us can’t even envision being without our phone for even a minute.

We have successfully built our lives around our phones.

5. Powerbank

Power bank in NigeriaImage source: pcadvisor.co.uk

As a result of the epileptic power supply within the country, a large chunk of Nigeria’s population now make use of power banks everyday to charge their Phones.

Virtually everyone now in Nigeria own a power bank, and most of us take them wherever we go.

6. Generator sets

Generators in Nigeria

Another ubiquitous thing about Nigeria.

Generators infact has become an entirely necessary machinery in Nigeria. Without it your household can’t function.

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7. Hashtags

hashtags in Nigeria

Somehow this has become part of our daily culture.. #Nigeria

8. Sports

Football in Nigeria
Football to be precise. Football has become an entirely necessary part of our daily lives that it has even hatched its own subculture in Nigeria.

9. Money

Daily cultures of Nigerians

I know this one is a bit obvious, but this list won’t be complete without it.

10. Music

Music in Nigeria

This is possibly one of the most ubiquitous thing about Nigeria.

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