Top 10 Countries in Africa With The Most Prisoners

Based on datum released by the World Prison Brief (WPB), a unique database that provides free access to information about prison systems throughout the world. These are the Top 10 Countries in Africa With The Most Prisoners.

Top 10 Countries in Africa With The Most Prisoners

Top 10 Countries in Africa With The Most Prisoners

1. South Africa, 161,984 prisoners

2. Ethiopia, 111,050 Prisoners

3. Egypt, 106,000 Prisoners

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4. Morocco, 79,368 prisoners

5. Nigeria, 67,586 prisoners

6. Algeria, 61,000 prisoners

7. Kenya, 57,000 prisoners

8. Rwanda, 54,279 prisoners

9. Uganda, 48,714 prisoners

10. Tanzania, 34 404 prisoners

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Prisoners population of the countries above were derived using data from governmental and other official sources.

Source: World Prison Brief, Institute for Criminal Policy Research.

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