Checkout These New Realistic Life-Like Sex Dolls (5 Photos)

When it comes to a realistic life-like doll, Lumnidolls -a sex company in Barcelona, Spain-  has just set the bar very, very high. According to thechive, you can hardly tell the difference between these dolls and the real thing.

The dolls are made with life-like soft skin, enhanced figures featuring big breasts, and an Ass that would confuse even timaya.

Unfortunately, they’re not for sale. They can only be found in a brothel that is exclusively serviced by lumnidolls. For customers To enjoy the comfort of one of these dolls they have to visit the brotel and that’s it. They are given hour-long sessions with dolls in an apartment building where they can basically do anything with the dolls.

All dolls are “disinfected” before and after each service with special antibacterial soaps, as the brothel guarantees their high standards for hygiene.

Here are some photos of the dolls.

Lumnidolls sex dolls

Lumnidolls sex dolls

Lumnidolls sex dolls

Sex dolls

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