7 Incredibly Realistic Drawings By Nigerian Arinze Stanley

If you don’t know him already, Arinze Stanley is a super talented Nigerian artist – You’d agree after you see his incredible pencil artwork below- He draws mostly close-up portraits of human faces. Portraits that are very hard to believe are not black and white photographs.

And the interesting thing about him is, he actually never studied art – he is completely self-taught.

To see how inhuman his artistic ability is… check out these 7 incredible realistic drawings by Nigerian Arinze Stanley.

1. Sometimes it’s almost like I’m not in control of my pencil,” he adds. “It’s sort of like energy transfer: most times I feel like I transfer my energy into a blank piece of paper through my pencils and it becomes art.”

Arinze stanley

2. Stanley, hails from Imo State in Eastern Nigeria but has spent most of his entire life in Lagos.

Arinze stanley

3. Every pore, every nostril hair, every bead of sweat and eyelid wrinkle is dutifully translated to his drawings

Arinze stanley

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4. I have always loved to make realistic drawings

5. “I draw inspiration from life experiences and basically everything that sparks a feeling of necessity, I love to express deep and strong emotions, as I find them most attractive.”

6. Practice, patience, and persistence’ is Arinze Stanley Egbe’s motto

7. “I’ve always expressed myself through drawings for as long as I can remember even though I never got any art training”

Nigerian arinze stanley

Amazing aren’t they..

You can follow Arinze stanley on Twitter, Facebook and instagram

Also see his interview with huffpost.

Picture sources: facebook, instagram, twitter.

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