7 Signs He is Just With You For Sex

When it comes to relationships, most girls just can’t tell the difference between real love and real lust. But its all going to change today.
Here are 7 Signs He is Just With You strictly For Sex.

Signs He is Just With You For Sex.

1. He only wants to hang on weekends

You dont hear from him through out the weekdays, but on weekends, he just wont stop bombarding you with calls to come over to his place.

2. Most conversations are usually about sex

whenever he initiates a conversation, it’s never about important stuff like how you intend to achieve your life goals, how your day went etc but always about your favorite sex position and other things sexual.

3. He isn’t interested in meeting your friends

He has never met any of your friends and he isn’t showing any interest whatsover in meeting them.

This one is a fact, Only a guy who really cares about you would want to acquaint himself with the people you call your friends.

4. He dissapears when you have your period

You dont even have to hint that you have your period as he already knows when you have your period and when that time comes he dissapears from the surface of the earth only to resurface after your period.
No sign is as clearer as this.

5. Whenever you guys meet, something must go down

Whenever you guys meet, -it doesnt matter where- he always tries to get you to perform felatio on him, hand job or sex.

6. His compliments are always sexual in nature

You know he sees you as an object for satisfying his sexual urges if Most -if not all- compliment he gives you are sexual. Nice ass, love your boobs, you’ve got killer curves etc.

7. He keeps asking for nude pics

Only a guy who is only keeping you around for sex will keep asking you for nude pics.
A guy who is actually interested in getting to know you isn’t going to risk obliterating his relationship with you by asking you for a nude picture.

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