4 Roman Catholic Popes Who Allegedly Died During Sex

Like my Grandmum always said, theres always an atom of truth in every rumour…

Below are 4 Roman catholic popes who allegedly died during sex.

1. Pope Leo VII (936-9)


Pope Leo VII (Latin: Leo VII; died 13 July 939) was a catholic Pope from 3 January 936 to his death in 939.

Leo was the priest of the church of St. Sixtus in Rome, although he had little ambition towards the papacy, he consented under pressure.

As pope, Leo VII reigned for only three years.
The circumstance of his death is unrecorded, although it has being alleged that he died on 14 May 964; of a paralytic stroke suffered while having sex with a woman named Stefanetta. Another story relates that He may have died instead when the woman’s husband beat him to death with a hammer.

2. Pope John VII (955-64)

Pope John VII (Latin: Ioannes VII; c. 650 – 18 October 707) was a catholic Pope from 1 March 705 until his death in 707. The successor of John VI, he was (like his predecessor) of Greek ancestry.

John VII died on the 18th of October, 707 and was buried in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary which had been added on to St. Peter’s.
Reports say Pope John VII was bludgeoned to death by an angry man who reportedly caught him having sex with his wife.

3. Pope John XIII (965-72)

Pope John XIII (Latin: Ioannes XIII; c. 930/935 – 6 September 972) was a catholic Pope from 1 October 965 until his death in 972. After which He was succeeded by Pope Benedict VI.

It is also alleged that he died after being heavily assaulted by an hungry husband who caught him having sex with his wife.

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4. Pope Paul II (1467-71)

Pope Paul II (Latin: Paulus II; 23 February 1417 – 26 July 1471), born Pietro Barbo, was a Catholic Pope from 30th August 1464 until his death in 1471. when he died of a sudden heart attack.  Reports surrounding his death alleged that he died whilst being sodomized by a page boy (servant).



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