VIDEO: Woman Crushes 3 Water Melons With Her Thighs in Less than 15 secs

VIDEO: Woman Sets World Record For Most Watermelons Crushed With Her Thighs In Less Than 15 secs

Woman Crushes WaterMelons With Her Thighs

Meet Olga Liashchuk (picture above), an Ukrainian super woman whose ambition to become the strongest woman in the world was set aside after she discovered she had a knack for crushing watermelons with her thighs.

What she did next was what any one with ambition would have done also, she went ahead to set a new world record with her new found knack.

Watch the full video below to see her crush 3 watermelons faster than anyone in the world in just 14.65 seconds.

Don’t know about you, but I won’t want to get any part of my body between her thighs, especially my head. Somethings are just delicate.

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