Scientists in Zimbabwe Invents Drought Resistant Maize Seeds

Drought resistant maize seeds

Scientists in Zimbabwe say they have developed new heat- and drought-tolerant varieties of maize that may be ready for sale ahead of the next planting season.

The seeds from CIMMYT – the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center – were developed to combat drought-induced food insecurity that has affected millions in southern Africa over the past year.

“I call them a game-changer, because farmers will be able to get some food security if they are able to adapt these varieties,” said Magorokosho, a senior scientist with CIMMYT.

 “Food security in Africa will be partly addressed through these varieties, because in Africa, maize is life. A lot of seed companies in southern Africa, east Africa [and] north Africa have shown keen interest in adopting these hybrids because they know that they will be working in their environments.” He also added.

Zimbabwe scientists invents drought and heat resistant maize seeds
Early this year, Zimbabwe declared a national disaster after about a third of its 13 million people struggled with food shortages, caused by El Nino-induced drought.
Currently Zimbabwean Super Seeds — one of the companies distributing the Drought resistant maize seeds— said it is working to meet farmers’ demands.

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