Eating Insects is Actually Not That Bad: Scientists Reveals

Study has shown that eating bugs is a more sustainable alternative to eating meat and fish.

Confused? Well, its true.

Eating insects
Two young entrepreneurs from New Zealand have even taken advantage of the situation and have started a company supplying ants, crickets to restaurants.

According to a report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the nutrients – particularly iron – provided by grasshoppers, crickets and other insects really measures up to beef.


In the study, researchers analysed grasshoppers, crickets, mealworms and buffalo worms for their mineral contents -shown in the diagram above- and estimated how much of each nutrient would likely get absorbed if eaten, using a lab model of human digestion.

According to results, the insects had varying levels of iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

Crickets, for example, had higher levels of iron than the other insects.
And minerals including calcium, copper and zinc from grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms were more readily available for absorption than the same minerals from beef.

The results support the idea that eating bugs -roaches, ants, etc,- could potentially help meet the nutritional needs of Nigeria’s growing population.

So next time instead of borrowing money to buy meat etc you can just prepare that food, using any available insect as meat.

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