7 Nigerian Celebrities and their Classical English (Gbagauns) 

Nigerian Celebrities even though they are always in the spot light and have to be very careful of the things they say, tweet etc. You still see some of them dropping some heavy gbagauns which kinda makes them look really ignorant. That said, Here are 7 Nigerian Celebrities and their Classical Gbagauns

7. Skales

Skales gbagaun

Came to deliver my 1st ever debut album to my mother the queen her royal highness who is currently not too strong but is still kicking butt… shes my everything!!! love her so much.. i made her proud thats all that matters

“My 1st debut album”. For those of you wey no know, ‘Debut’ means the first appearance of something, in this case his album. So there was absolutely no need for him to add “1st”.
Click HERE to see pictures Of the tweet.

6. Wizkid

Wizkid gbagaun

About to perform at this wedding with an hangover! Jah guide! Lol

I wonder if he finally performed with “an hangover”

Click HERE to see pictures.

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5. Goodluck jonathan

Goodluck jonathan gbagaun

How much did Jim Nwobodo stole? -money not up to the price of a peugeot and Buhari regime send him to jail,is that good enough”

(President Goodluck Jonathan PDP Presidential Rally, Enugu)

Well, we all know that Jim Nwobodo didn’t “stole much”. Or did he?

4. Tonto dike

Tonto dike gbagaun


Someone please tell this woman that “carter” means someone who pushes a cart and that the word she was looking for was “cater”.
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3. Oge okoye

Oge okoye gbagaun

OMG!!! Feel in love with this little cutie… so smart/shyless/talented/ a dancer.. i trust my daughter wont get jealous…

I’m sure I would have “feel in love with” the subject matter too. Shes just so ‘shyless’. Source.

2. Patience Jonathan

As I have told you before, my husband and Sambo is a good people and they will always deliver the dividends of this new democracy that you have awarded them

No comment!!

1. Kcee

Kcee gbagaun 

THey don’t have anything in common, the common thing they had has been discommoned.

The only thing i had in common with kcee was discommoned Immediately i watched this video.

watch video

Nigerian celebrities sef.

**pardon all my gbagauns**

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